October 2nd, 2005

Illustmaker me

Lucky the stuffed kitten

The little stuffed kitten I bought in Salem yesterday is now named "Lucky." Within hours of getting home, my landlady decided a cat would be allowed, and overnight, with that change in rules, I started getting responses. Funny thing about people beyond grad school who are still looking for roommies (ergo, not living with family): a very high percentage are pet people. I'm a pet person myself, but had more or less given up on having a pet in an apartment, as the ferret my roommate had was described as a kind of special circumstance disposition. And if a new roommie's cat is amenable, I may finally get one of my own. (Merlin will undoubtedly turn his nose up at me when I visit Mom smelling like a strange cat, but he'll just have to deal.)

Oh, btw, Chapter Five of Shades (Relocation) is up at SQ.
Illustmaker me

Book review: One Nation Under Therapy

I can rarely resist a rant on our therapeutic culture, which pathologizes normal behavior (a little boy is being aggressive with his toy trucks? Off to the school psychologist), so I was looking forward to the cleverly titled One Nation Under Therapy by Christina Hoff Sommers (of Who Stole Feminism?, a book I like a great deal) and Sally Satel. The subtitle is "How the Helping Culture is Eroding Self-Reliance."

As a rant I'm all for it. If they put it up on LJ, I'd probably fangirl the post and their many examples. As a book?

I'm not impressed.

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