October 6th, 2005

Illustmaker me

Day One, TWH

Well, I just got back from the Sorting feast at TWH. It took a really long time to get home, because I misjudged the commuter rail times, and it seemed longer because most of the last leg of the trip--the part away from TWH and back at home--involved an argument between drunken and belligerant townies and drunken and rude college students. I kept hoping the driver would put them off the train--they were bothering everyone--but he didn't.

Before that, though, the day was perfectly lovely. The weather is great, the leaves are starting to turn, and Salem is geared up to host. I met a fellow librarian/fan coming up from the commuter rail and walked over to the hotel with her, then I enjoyed a slow drink while waiting to meet up with the charming jiminyc and her daughter, hereafter called JiminyJ. ;) I just adore both of them.

Participants are sorted into the Houses, and of course some weren't happy. I live in such a 'Puff-friendly environment here, I was surprised that people actually were upset to be made 'Puffs! (I'm a 'Claw, apparently... the only House I haven't done much with in the way of fic, with the exception of a glimpse at Gilderoy and that weird one about Cho and Marietta.)

I love being around other fen. I was wearing my SugarQuill shirt, and a volunteer across the table from me (Sarah) said, "Love your shirt; I wore mine yesterday." While waiting to go into the "Great Hall," we heard people joking around about, "My OTP is better than your OTP!" and it was fun because no one in the general vicinity said, "Huh?" People dressing the way we enjoy dressing, no one questioning the presence of cloaks and pointed hats and--for whatever reason--pirate gear. My friend from the train station (I know her name, of course, but I'm not sure where she stands on LJ mentions!) and I were talking about geeks vs. popular kids growing up... and geeks just seem to grow up to be more interesting imaginative.

I'm supposed to be involved in the dueling thing, which means people trying to sneak up on each other and toss curses around, and it occurred to me that, um, doing that as a presenter is maybe a good way to lose big. I'm probably going to end up hexed before lunch tomorrow! Oh, well.

I need to get some sleep to get up and ready for a nine a.m. panel, but I'm not sleepy yet. Hmmm.