October 8th, 2005

Illustmaker me

Day Two, TWH

Okay. After getting four hours of sleep--in other words, behaving like a normal con attendee, even though I'm at home ;P--I was out of my house at six-thirty and on the bus to catch the train... it's a bit of a runaround, but that's okay. Interesting tidbit I picked up: High school students are on the bus at 6:30. Heh? Wha...? I always wondered why teachers act like we're being unreasonable when we say we can't host a group until the library opens at nine. Guess that's my answer. My high school started at 8:19 am (no, I don't know why the :19). I suppose I knew intellectually that they started earlier, but until I was on a crowded bus at that hour with kids headed off to school, some part of me was thinking, "Yeah, but they really start at 8:19." Sheesh, I had enough trouble getting up for school as it was!
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