October 9th, 2005

Illustmaker me

Shades, Chapter Seven: Friends and Neighbors, pt. 2

Bopping back and forth to Salem saps some writing time!

Anyway, we left Tonks at her friend Sanjiv's parents' house, after Sanjiv has abducted her to distract her from her bad mood, taking her to a dance club and watching his (Muggle) parents' television. She's doing well, but when a news item visibly upsets her, all three McPhersons are concerned. Sanjiv tells her that she should get some sleep.

(Sanj isn't going to be a major character here; this chapter concerns him, but I'm not going to derail everything just to play with Sanj! He has something he needs to say to Tonks, though, and it's something she needs to hear, so this chapter deals with him heavily.)

Table of Contents and Summary So Far

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Illustmaker me

Day Three, TWH

Another lovely day up in Salem, despite the fact that it's raining and now very cold on top of it. Fellow con folk: October is usually quite a nice month up here; it just gets one or two days like this, and they unfortunately happened to coincide with TWH! This feels more like March than October.

Let's see...

Got a late start this morning and took a cab, which was a waste of money as we were still late getting there and I had to take the 11:24 train instead of the 10:15 one. However, I ran into M, a girl from my library who won her ticket, and her mother/chaperone, and we all went in together, so it worked out all right.

I went to the sketch booth and met rabidtolkienfan. Since I'd already asked her for a sketch (for the Harriet Potter panel), I didn't push her to give me another one. Though someone else requested a smiling Snape with a can of Coke, and I really hope that goes online! I also watched waccawheels for awhile. It's amazing to me. I can spend hours on a sketch and it looks like nothing!

After that, I headed to a genfic panel, where I met Cedar and saeva and thetreacletart (EDIT: oops, actually, I met TTT around the art booth... my brain is not working). When the Mary Sue topic (inevitably) came up, Cedar challenged anyone to find a genuinely gen Mary Sue. I'll one-up when I've had a chance to decompress, and challenge people to write genuinely Sue-ish genfic. After the panel, Cedar wrote "I Must Not Tell Lies" on my hand, and there were pictures involved, if I recall correctly.

Lunch later, a bit of random wandering, then eventually, my second panel--the fanfic vs. original fic deathmatch, which I was on with Vicky Dann and Roxanne Conrad (heads of Hufflepuff and Slytherin, respectively). It was a lively panel, and I talked to Catherine a bit afterward (I didn't recognize her, since she was wearing a long black wig!).

I ran into story645 and we talked for a bit, then I wandered out and got the free food, eating in the gym and playing a game called "Anna Eats," which appears to be another version of the Green Door. The person running the game gives an example--eg, "Anna eats wood but not pencils"--and then people make guesses by formulating sentences in the same way, which, presumably, they will do once they figure out the pattern of what Anna eats and doesn't, and no discussion or statement of the rule is allowed. It is, btw, the same rule as Green Door, which I'd already played on SQ a year or so ago (the form is, "Who may go through the Green Door?" "Harry and Ginny may go, but Ron and Hermione have to stay behind" or "Tom Riddle can go through, but not Voldemort."), so I felt like I was cheating and kind of held back.

After dinner, there was a panel on the science of HP, which included the interesting information that there's no special reason teleportation/Apparition isn't possible, and which showed pictures of dreamed up chimaeras that we might make someday through genetic manipulation, if anyone can think of a reason why a chimpanzee should have a dog's head.

I left early to ride home with M and her mother. It had occurred to me to spend the night, but I realized that I didn't have my ball dress! Going back and forth in the middle of the day tomorrow would have been a bigger hassle and caused me to miss more. Also, icky two-days-in-the-same-clothes thing.

At some point in the day, the glass over my watchface shattered. I don't know when or how. I just looked down and boom, shattered watchface.

Oh, well.