October 10th, 2005

Illustmaker me

Days four and five, TWH

Ah, back, and in sort of post-con letdown mood.

Yesterday, I left early, determined not to miss as much as I did on Saturday, only to find out that the only thing going on was the brunch, which was sold out (note, I didn't check the schedule which I was carrying to notice this). As I understand it, there was a slight disturbance of sorts at the brunch, but I wasn't there for it.

Instead, I wandered around in the rain, bought a watch to replace the one I smashed, and had some coffee. Then I headed for the sketch booth, because fiendling was scheduled. The line was already forming. I was in line at about a quarter of twelve. There were many people behind me, and a goodish number ahead of me. Needless to say, when fiendling got there, she was quite swamped, and was kind enough to stay long enough to get a good number done. glockgal arrived for her two o'clock shift, and they were both drawing by the time it was my turn, and I totally love to watch people draw--I was there for the last few sketches before mine. I will post the one she did for me in a separate post later, because I'm going to make up a story to go along with it. :)

After I got my sketch, story645 and I went to a roundtable about Luna Lovegood, which is great--I'm all about the Luna love. Unfortunately, I had to leave a little early so I could set up for the panel I was modding in another building, on Tonks--"Don't call her Nymphadora!" It was a pretty full room, and we talked about a lot of things, including her ultimate function in the books. (I tend to think her role will remain minor, no matter how much I love her!) Unfortunately, that was the last I saw of story645, as she had to go home before the ball. I caught up with Catherine, jiminyc, and JiminyJ and (after a bit of panic when I thought I'd lost my binder) headed back to the hotel to change for the ball. While waiting for the continually unpredictable bus, Catherine and I witnessed a duel between the Malfoys and the head of Gryffindor House.

We got back to Salem (I was now in uncomfortable heels and a long black dress) and went to hear cedarlibrarian's fic reading (we missed the beginning because of the bus), then grabbed dinner and headed over to the ball.

The ball was just lovely, everyone looking pretty and dancing. I stayed with Catherine and the Jiminys, and we joined up with minoukatze and her husband--it was the first time I'd met them, and again, wow... great person. Just love her. It's so good to just actually hang out with the people I talk to so often!

I had to head out just before ten and go to the Hawthorne library for my fic reading. Which, in case the timing is unclear, was scheduled against the ball. And a reading by Charles DeLint. As you might imagine, I didn't exactly perform for a roaring crowd. I was happy that my roommates came, and a group of fanfic fans who had apparently chosen to listen to stories all night were also there. It was nice. It went well. I read "A Drift of Azaleas" and "Your Very Own Dora," and they both seemed to work for people.

After the reading, we went back to the hotel. At midnight, I did one last challenge (Astronomy writing, which turned out to be trivia: list as many celestial bodies as you can), then went back upstairs and crashed. We all got up early and headed down to the leaving brunch (there was some confusion about when it was, but we got there eventually). The buffet was quite excellent, and we took the opportunity to sit with Minoukatze and Mr. Minou again. The winners of the Quest and the Scavenger Hunt were announced, and the Quidditch winners (I managed to miss all the Quidditch), and then something was done up front that I wasn't following. Gryffindor won the Quidditch cup, btw. The house points were tallied, and it was: 4. Slytherin, 3. Ravenclaw, 2. Gryffindor, and 1. HUFFLEPUFF! My 'Puff-loving heart is happy, though my actual status as a 'Claw muted it somewhat.

To my utter and vast disappointment, after doing a few challenges, the winners of the challenges were never announced (the prefect challenges were, but not the regular house point challenges). And I have no idea if I can get back the vignettes I did. I put my address on one of them, but forgot on the other. And I'd love to know how I did on the Astronomy thing, and what the answers to the History of Magic trivia questions were, and if anyone got them. Except for the sad necessity of being one of the people scheduled as counter-programming to popular events--which someone had to do, and as a con newbie, I guess that's me!--this was my only real disappointment. The point of doing a contest sort of thing is to find out the results! (Also to kill time, but after freezing my fingers hand-writing for extended periods of time, I was sort of invested in finding out how I stacked up!) :pout-pout-pout-whine-whine:

After brunch, I said goodbye to my roommates and minoukatze, took the bus back to Salem, the train back to Boston (shared it with the same woman I met coming from the station the first day--who has an LJ whose name I must try to find--and several Quidditch players), and the T home. There's even time for me to be good and go to the gym later, which I've been horribly neglectful of this week.

It's been marvelous actually putting faces to so many names (well, pseuds). I do like fen. Even the nuttier ones, I think, though I'm happy that pretty much everyone I met that I know from online is as smart, nice, creative, and genuinely delightful as they are in cyberspace.
Illustmaker me

Fic for art

Okay. As promised, a story to go with fiendling's sketch.

I really didn't have anything in mind when I started standing in line, though I definitely wanted to go gen, because I'm in another of my "Go, Gen!" moods. By the time I got there, I was thinking Regulus because, hey, he's Regulus, and I've been interested for awhile. I like the thought of the two boys growing up in that house together--they were probably each other's only playmates. And I thought, "What would it have been like for Regulus when Sirius went away to school?" So that's what I asked for--Regulus wearing a set of Sirius school robes, feeling glum and resentful while Sirius delightedly packs his things and goes on about how excited he is. I think she did a great job--I just love the contrasting expressions on the brothers' faces, and Sirius's total oblviousness--and now, I need to actually write the story.

Here's the sketch in question:

To see the sketch full size (you can see the detail better), click here.

So, hey, I'll do another writing challenge. Starting at the point of the picture. :p

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