October 11th, 2005

Illustmaker me

Harry Potter and the Secondary Character Theory

Okay, the first of probably many entries inspired by participation at TWH.

I love theories and meta. I do. The last thing I want to do is have fewer theories in the world. If you can find a way that Blaise Zabini is really Norbert the Norwegian Ridgeback, and his true love for Nagini will create an essential opening for Harry, I'll be very impressed, not to mention amused. I won't think it's likely to pan out in canon, but there are some damned clever theories out there, and they make fandom really, really fun, imho.

The reason I'm thinking about the issue, though, is something that came up in secondary (and even minor) character panels. I went to panels on Neville and Luna, and I modded one on Tonks. All three involved theories about how that character was going to play an extremely key role in the final battle. It's said about other characters, too, I believe. As fun meta to play with and write fanfic with, what the heck? But for Canon Divination... I think it may lead to some disappointment.

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Illustmaker me

Tonks-y goodness

For any Tonks fan who hasn't been checking the f-list during TWH, definitely check out leelastarsky's family portrait of the Tonks family! Cuteness!

(To my surprise, glancing at the comments, there still seem to be people out there who think Ted is a Muggle! I shall have to hoist the Ted-Is-Muggle-BORN banner higher! :p)

EDITING IN: Because it's still art related:

glockgal has started a community for TWH artists and people who received art there: twh_fanart. It's a place to put up digitized versions of the pictures so the artists can get them back, among other things! So if you had a picture done, go on over.