October 16th, 2005

Illustmaker me

Shades, Chapter Seven: Friends and Neighbors, pt. 3

Okay. Let's try to keep something like a schedule here. :p

I left Tonks and her friend Sanjiv in Hogsmeade, after he's tried to cheer her up by taking her to a Muggle club in Edinburgh. It worked briefly, but she soon lost hold of it, and had a nightmare in which she saw Number Twelve Grimmauld Place being systematically dismantled, and Sirius hanging tattered black curtains in all of the windows, and telling her that Remus will have curtains of his own, it's inevitable, and she really can't fight it. Both of them turn to corpses and grab for her before she wakes up and talks at length to Sanjiv, about her frustration at being treated like a child who can't take care of herself (she can't divulge too many details of the dream). He starts to tell her something, then stops, and when they return to Hogsmeade, she can see that he still means to say it, but he doesn't. She leaves him to go off to work.


Table of Contents and Summary So Far

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