October 27th, 2005

Illustmaker me


I know that by common figuring, I have the Marauders one year too old (I thought an interview regarding GoF was about PoA, and figured them for 35-36 in PoA), but I got a comment on Shifts that puzzled me, as it said, more or less, "I like it, but isn't Tonks only 7 or 13 years younger than Remus?" Thirteen, I get--age her up one year, and Remus down the customary year (which, in normative language, would be his actual age). No big.

But how could she be only seven years younger? Remus is a contemporary of Harry's parents; Tonks is the daughter of Bellatrix's younger (or, at most, twin) sister, and Bellatrix was at school with Snape (though fairly obviously from the birth order, not in the same year). Early twenties would still make Andromeda a very young mother--early thirties would have her born when her parents were about nine!

Does anyone know where the "seven years" thing comes from? I don't mean to be like, "How could anyone think that?" but just.... it was said so casually (and as an alternative to 13, rather than a range) that I assume there must be some theory explaining how she's that old!