November 4th, 2005

Illustmaker me

Daily report

8,098 / 50,000

Bleh. Intro'd new character, got people moving around, got a little maudlin, and basically got out of the Ordinary World holding pattern. There's another character wandering around out there that they've talked about, but I don't know when he's going to show up. And I can't remember what time of day it's supposed to be. Resisting urge to re-read.

There's a short excerpt at my NaNo profile.

And a meme, edited in. Nicked from jiminyc, who says her answer was wrong, but mine's just about right. Total drama club rat, with side interest in select chorus, and of course the requisite absolutely wretched poetry. Though I don't know if I qualify as any less weird now, except that high school kids sometimes actually get along with me, which they didn't then...
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