November 13th, 2005

Illustmaker me

The Prank

Hmmm. Well, not having anything better to do than poke a hornet's nest before I even get back to work on my Prank story--I started one pre-HBP ("Dance By the Light of the Moon" (Part One, Part Two)) that has some Snape stuff that I need to re-think on the knowledge that his dad was a Muggle--I thought I'd do a post about the "amusing little joke" that Sirius played on Snape at the Shrieking Shack. I really doubt that JKR ever thought it would be talked about as much as it is--like the business of Sirius suspecting Remus of being the traitor, I think it was just story backfill... "Oh, why does Snape particularly hate these guys more than other people? Oh, fine, prank pulled that involved Remus as a werewolf. Neatly accounts for Marauder hate and total distaste for werewolves. Good." However, it's a rich vein. So, as long as I'm practicing NaNo avoidance this evening, I may as well mine it.

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