November 17th, 2005

Illustmaker me

Brit-picking mental blocks

Chapter Seven of Shades ("Friends and Neighbors") is up at the Quill. I sent it in awhile ago and didn't realize it hadn't gone through. Oh, well. It's there now, in all of its Macarena-including glory. ;)

On the latest installment, antonia_east Brit-picked me on using "fall" for "autumn," which she shouldn't have had to do because I've been Brit-picked on that at least a dozen times. "Autumn" is not a word with which I'm unfamiliar, nor is its use in British English something of which I'm unaware. But I just keep missing it. I'm not emotionally attached to the word "fall" or anything. It's a total mental block. I also have a severe block on the got/gotten thing. Pretty much every time I write, I have to double-check for stray "gotten"s before I post, and I usually find them. And it's something I've given thought to, as I tried to figure out the logic of it and accidentally applied the same rule to "forgotten" last year, only to be told that the logic doesn't apply in that direction, but at any rate, it's something I've thought about. And although I've only made the mistake once, I know sooner or later, I'm going to mess up "holiday" again, because I can't divorce the concept of "holiday" from a specific day around which time off may (or may not) occur, as opposed to a vacation, which might occur at any time.

Anyway, I'm trying. Really. But I really should pick an American fandom next, so I can keep my brain from exploding. Though I noticed in my NaNo novel that my elevators have become lifts, if I'm not careful...
Illustmaker me

Lucas (the movie)

So I found a copy of Lucas, starring Corey Haim in a bag of videotapes my mom sent. I haven't actually sat down to watch it for a while, and I'd forgotten how good it is. You know when there's a movie or book you always liked as a kid that you think will lose something? Not this one.

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