November 26th, 2005

Illustmaker me

Shades, Chapter Ten: A New Leaf, pt. 3

Ah, back from Turkey Day, and the day after (which is my cousin's birthday). Also, got lots of cold, fresh air out on the Cape, about as far east as you can get in Massachusetts, looking out flat across the Atlantic, next stop, the part of Spain that's over the north of Portugal. So, hey, anyone from around Fisterra, Spain (I checked the latitude, because I am a closet map geek), I waved yesterday. ;)

Anyway, Chapter 8 (the second interlude) is up at the Quill. Not a lot of changes--a couple of fixes--but one of them is the title. When I re-read it to beta, I decided that "Lessons" was a better title than "Charity."

Tonks has been bombarded by spring oak leaves, which is odd in September. She goes to her friend Maddie, who is an Unspeakable, though they don't talk about this--Maddie's work is a lot more secretive than even an Auror's; she can't even tell people which Division she's in. Nevertheless, she's intrigued by the leaves and offers to help Tonks using her skills in a manner a bit outside of her job. A little taken aback, Tonks writes to get Dumbledore's permission, and Dumbledore responds by meeting with her, telling her he trusts her judgment, and giving her permission to use that judgment to bring in help when she needs it.

Table of Contents and Summary So Far

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