December 4th, 2005

Illustmaker me

A post because I haven't posted today, and that can't be allowed again...

I'm a big believer in plot, but I also tend to get stuck at plotty parts of stories, hence my slowness of late with Shades, where I'm setting up an owed favor for a plot point that will occur later in the story and, well... I'm insecure about plotting, so I convince myself that it's going really terribly instead of just, um, uninspired-ly.

I've started working on the 1991 "Of A Sort" section again--Neville's POV on the train, then the majors other than Harry in the Sorting section. I got around my Trevor problem a lot more easily than I thought I would.

So, let's see... something to discuss.

I realized while I was writing the last segment that, despite security being increased a hundred fold at Hogwarts, for the first time, we see a teacher regularly inviting outsiders onto the grounds. It's so odd and out there that I took Slughorn's parties in stride as a quirk, but when I had Tonks having to practically sneak onto the grounds to do some work for Dumbledore, since she didn't belong there (as is pointed out by Harry in the corridor scene), I realized--Gwenog Jones doesn't belong there. The vampire doesn't belong there. None of Slughorn's guests at his parties, other than the current students, of course, belong there.

Just struck me as odd. I wonder what they have to go through to enter the grounds, and if they're somehow magically prohibited from leaving Slughorn's party location.