December 6th, 2005

Illustmaker me

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I so need a new printer. I have to hand feed sheets one at a time because the rollers don't pick it up anymore. I bought this one in Buffalo, a city I left ten years ago, and I didn't buy it immediately before leaving. It's an HP DeskJet 540 And I'm printing Shifts for my mom for Christmas. I'm on page 317.

I need a break from feeding paper into the mangler. I signed up for fanfic100, to do pieces about Sirius and Regulus (as brothers, not slash). I haven't been approved yet, but I didn't see anyone else having claimed them as a pair. Sounds like a good way to get challenges without bothering you all for story prompts. ;)

I know I'm going somewhere with Shades--the introduction of that overblown little scenario is in there for a reason that intersects with Remus and Tonks, and I know how it intersects with them and what they're going to do with it, but I'm afraid it's too overblown for its function. Anyone else get that post-writing kind of, "Eek, should I have done that?" moment?