December 19th, 2005

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The 1991 "Of A Sort" (Part 1, Neville), is finally up, marking the longest it's taken me to write a section of anything. :p

I put them in the last carriage to avoid figuring out whether or not the section between cars is open on the Hogwarts Express.
Illustmaker me

Five random things meme

Nicked from half my f-list.

Five odd bits of trivia about me.

1. Until I was six, I lived in a four-generation household with my (single) mother, my grandmother and her husband, and my great-grandmother (Grandma Great). I had a pretty strong understanding of great aunts and uncles and cousins of removed generations--Aunt Ora (Gram Great's sister) was a common person to visit (she always had anise candy, which I love to this day), and Cousin Roger (Grandma's cousin) was a common topic of conversation.

2. Women in my family have been working outside the home for so many generations that not to do so seems exotic. Mom's a nurse, Grandma a medical office assistant, my other grandmother (who I don't know well) a surgeon, Grandma Great a lab tech, the other great grandmother a baker, Grandma Great's mother a midwife and country nurse, Grandpa Great's mother a tavern keeper.

3. I did Odyssey of the Mind from seventh grade (when it was still Olympics of the Mind) until I graduated from high school. My school had a habit of winning the Ranatra Fusca, which was for highly creative solutions that didn't actually win. I still think that our poor showing at States sophomore year was a political thing--the winners had a didactic skectch against drunk driving, while ours featured a drunken janitor as an accidental hero. We also had a musical number with full choreography, which is better than matching T-shirts. But I don't obsess over that any more than I obsess over the sixth grade spelling competition which I'm sure I could have won if I hadn't been running a fever of 102 (I only lost by one word, to the Evil Jeff D). Ahem. ;) Seriously, I loved OM. At various points, I did all three of the problems my school participated in (balsa wood, robot, and arts), but in the end I was generally in the arts one. I started writing regularly doing OM. Because I couldn't paint.

4. I have six first cousins, and we were very close growing up. We had a Cousins Club, which met in the closet under the stairs at Grandma's. Yes, we deliberately hung out in the cupboard under the stairs. :) Our parents thought we were plotting to take over the world in there. My oldest cousin was the only one born her year, but the rest of us were born in pairs (gender-matched pairs, no less), and we called our year-mates "cousin-matches." My cousin-match and I were the fourth and fifth of the seven. She's three months and sixteen days older than I am, which was how we always put it.

5. I habitually sort M&M's by color before eating them. This is the fault of danaedark and our third trio-member Jen, though they may think it's my fault, and I doubt any of us actually remember how it started.