December 21st, 2005

Illustmaker me

Blah blah blah

I did my semi-annual attempt at drawing yesterday, and realized that the reason I have no luck whatsoever is that I'm horribly impatient with it. Even the best-turned phrase doesn't take as long as trying to figure out how to shadow a draped skirt on a girl sitting cross-legged on the floor. My answer, finally... "Oh, screw it; she's holding something and we can't see how the #@)$(#@& thing folds." This, of course, necessitated drawing a hand to hold something, when I'd carefully hidden everyone else's hands in pockets and against doorframes, so it wasn't a great solution. And of course, I just don't have the patience to work on the tiny section of paper that holds the hand. Which is back to my patience problem. Also, my "lack of a pencil sharpener" problem, because by then, the point of the pencil was wider than the finger I was trying to draw, and the cheap thing I had to sharpen with kept breaking off the point instead of making it narrower. Perhaps larger paper or less ambitious scenes would help...


Anyway, it was of Hermione and Ginny meeting Tonks at 12GP the summer before OotP. I thought about just writing the scene out, but it really doesn't go anywhere, you know? It's just Tonks introducing herself and the girls introducing themselves, and then they hang out for awhile. Hanging out is not, alas, a plot. No conflict, you know?