December 24th, 2005

Illustmaker me

I'm turning into an old fogey

I accidentally stumbled on info about my old undergraduate school. Twice in the years since I've graduated, they've had problems that amount to attempts to re-institute the speech codes of my sophomore year by embedding them in "harassment rules" and so on. When they did this under the actual rubric of speech codes, my generation of students responded by mocking them and chalking up the campus into "speech zones" ("free speech zone" and "unfree speech zone," and around the administration building, the "Twilight Zone," if I recall). The whole thing started with someone being punished for selling a T-shirt that there was no rule against selling ("Ten Reasons Beer is Better Than Women," which was admittedly in poor taste, but come on... the offended woman couldn't have responded in the same spirit by listing the ten reasons cucumbers... ? Well, still in bad taste, but please, it's undergraduate potty humor). It deserved mocking, so we rose up and mocked, as is the sovereign duty of all just-post-adolescents.

But the report on the latter two instances mentioned that except for a handful of grumbles, students didn't have much to say. And I thought, "What's wrong with the younger generation? They haven't been taught to mock the administration properly!"

I love being a Gen-Xer.

(Of course, the complainer about the T-shirt and someone else who started a three-month brouhaha over the chapel window the next year were also Gen-Xers, but I choose to ignore that. ;))
Illustmaker me

Weird cat

I'm watching the roommie's cat for the holidays. I've had several cats, but I don't think I've ever seen one so creative in the way it eats. Apparently, Jelly likes to mix his water and his food, so he stands in front of his bowls, scoops the dry food out and places it in his water, STIRS IT, then scoops it out and puts the mixed stuff on the floor to eat. Now I know why the roommie keeps his dishes on a towel! (He was lonely and wanted to be in the room with me, so I brought his dishes in so he'd eat. Should have brought the towel.)
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