December 25th, 2005

Illustmaker me

Christmas and Hanukkah present drabbles

Okay. Want a drabble (or up) of any sort for whichever of the holidays (the one that's already going or the one that starts at sunset)?

I don't write above PG13 on sex or R on violence, but if you want to see two characters interact, or have a thought you'd like a fic on, or whatever... prezzie fic thread. Any of the fandoms you know I know, original, anything you like. (I'll do them all day, but I'll stop tomorrow, defined as "Whenever I decide I really must sleep.")

EDIT: Still working on them. It'll take me into tomorrow to catch up. Meanwhile, here's what I've got so far:

Anakin Skywalker meets Harry Potter, for murasaki99, who made art! Check the thread!

Sirius and Remus at GP (Christmas) and another POV on BtVS episode "Amends" for Rene

Oz and Willow meet up at Hanukkah for riah_chan

"Raymond and Dora Lewis" on Christmas Eve (Shifts outtake) for barbara_the_w

Andromeda's Christmas thoughts, involving past and present for lilacsigil (I'm not sure I got what she wanted here; I couldn't find a very good good short structure to cover the past and present)

McGonagall-Neville interaction for shoeless_girl

Fuzzy R/T gift-giving Christmas scene for kinderjedi and lexie_b

A Quantum Leap Christmas for izhilzha

Something with Luna and Lupin, for beceh

Non-shippy trio stuff for likeafox

Sirius falls through the veil onto my doorstep, for kelleypen

Neville and Hermione for anatomiste

Ginny and Dumbledore for olympe_maxime

EDIT: 12/27
Something Weasleyish with Molly and Ginny, for marycontraria

Aberforth and Albus Dumbledore, when Albus becomes Headmaster for sophonax

EDIT: 12/28
Lily/James for rainingtulips

Han/Leia on the GFFA's winter holiday for thunderemerald. I feel compelled to warn that it includes reference to Leia singing on the Holiday Special, which could trigger traumatic childhood memories for some.

My first R/Hr, for shina_laris

Some Frank Longbottom, with Alice and his mum for tigermouse88