December 27th, 2005

Illustmaker me

Fic: The Circle

This started out as a ficlet for author_by_night, who asked for a Marauders-at-Christmas, any scenario. I had a scenario in my head for which Christmas and what happened, but it's way longer than the little mini-ficlets in the gift thread, so, abn, hope you don't mind a whole, proper entry. (marycontraria, I'm out of order in posting, but I'm not forgetting your Ginny-Molly story. I was writing them at the same time, and this one just kind of took off.)

I'm getting the Prank in pieces. :) This is actually a follow-up to this one, about Regulus and Sirius over Christmas. Sirius is on the outs with the guys because he did "something bad," and James has promised to talk to him, but it's "too soon." He leaves home for good the night he gets back, but can't convince Reg to come with him.

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