February 17th, 2008

Illustmaker me

Begging to be saved from writer's block.

I have sincere and complete writer's block. I've tried working on Safe, I've tried original, I've even futzed around in other fandoms. Can't get anything togeter.

So, in typical form, I'm going to lean on you guys to get me going.

Challenge call. Since I'm trying most to get going on Safe, I'm going to keep it to HP. I'll keep it open for anything that goes up for the next two hours. My little computer clock says 12:08 now; I'll take anything that comes in before it says 2:08. (ETA: I'm on Mountain Time now, so I'm two hours behind the east coast.)

ETA2: It's now 2:18 by my clock. I'll get the ones that are here!

ETA3: Writer's block makes me slower. :) I'm hanging it up for tonight, and will get back to work tomorrow.