January 21st, 2019

Illustmaker me


This week's essay If I Were Queen: Poe. In which I try to improve a character that is not actually a character in any recognizable sense. $2/mo tier.

I only have one more Star Wars essay planned for IIWQ. I'm going to stick with corporate properties instead of individual ones for this--it's not my business to say, "If I were Queen of JK Rowling"... but I have no problem at all being queen of Star Wars, or Buffy, or Trek, or Agent Carter (though I loved Agent Carter and wouldn't change it, so my instincts may not bring monetary reward). Anything that has multiple writers and some kind of corporate ownership. I'm not sure what to be queen of next. Season Six Buffy? (Only Rule: I must maneuver the season to the final scene where Xander saves the world from evil Willow. Oh, and Once More With Feeling is not to be touched. Other than that, all bets are off.)

I think I'm going to read some short stories and get the rhythm of them in my head. Write some original one-offs for a while. (I don't think I've written a straight-up short-story since college.)