October 9th, 2019

Illustmaker me

Angel, Season 4

So, I'm going in. On Patreon, my next "If I Were Queen..." is going to be a series of essays on how I'd fix the, to put it mildly, problematic fourth season of Angel.

Should I limit myself by killing off any character who was actually killed off, or should I throw off that shackle and rescue a few?

Things I know need addressing:
1. Actual pregnant actress means some kind of pregnancy plot, but I adamantly refuse to do it the way the show did.
2. Melodrama needs to be taken down about 500 decibels
3. The mishandling of Connor was EPIC
4. But I really like the Faith episodes, so Angelus needs to come back so we can get to those
5. And season 5 needs to be properly set up.

What else? (I mean, if anyone's a Buffyverse fan.)