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Dream home meme - The Phantom Librarian
Spewing out too many words since November 2003
Dream home meme
Nicked from antonia_east

You move into a completely empty house and start over from scratch-money is not a consideration. Write down twenty specifics for your ideal home from architectural features to furnishings that are "must haves" for you. They can range from a window seat in the upstairs hall to an English club chair with a tufted ottoman beside a fireplace.

1. A fireplace
2. A high-ceilinged hall
3. A fountain with a lot of rocks at the base, that gives a nice, mossy smell.
4. A red-brick walled kitchen with floor to ceiling windows.
5. A garden run riot on which those windows look, with wildflowers and briar roses
6. A comfy place to write
7. A library room with enough shelving so that I'd never have to put a book into storage again
8. Cats
9. Plants with big leaves (ferns, naturally ;))
10. Artwork. Lots of it. Paintings and statuary both.
11. Easy access to mass transit into the city
12. Closets in which I could actually store my belongings
13. A little low stone wall marking the edge of the property
14. Lots of trees outside, at least one of which is a willow
15. A sweet entertainment center with a big flat-screen tv
16. Washer/Dryer--sounds dull, but having lived from laundramats, go W/D
17. Dark wood dining room set
18. Family heirlooms (I don't care about other antiques)
19. Inlaid wood floors, or thick carpets where there aren't.
20. And finally, just for kicks, A HUSBAND. Please. And kids. No point to the rest of the house if I'm just kicking around in it by myself.
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heatherhobbit From: heatherhobbit Date: February 27th, 2005 10:31 pm (UTC) (Link)
4. A red-brick walled kitchen with floor to ceiling windows.
5. A garden run riot on which those windows look, with wildflowers and briar roses

Ooooh! That sounds nice.
fiatincantatum From: fiatincantatum Date: February 27th, 2005 10:41 pm (UTC) (Link)
Wiring: grounded 3-prong outlets on every wall of every single room. Light switches that work. Completely up-to-date wiring, too, none of this cloth- or paper- covered stuff from 1910. In fact, no wiring surprises AT ALL, thank you.

Plumbing: again, no lurking surprises. Recently new water heater. No lead pipes.

Ceilings: no cracks, sags or suspicious stains.

Walls: no cracks, sags or ominous bulges.

Roof: see ceilings and walls

Windows: sills and sashes in mint condition, not painted shut. No pre-existing "creative" window treatments.

Supports: no "creative" supports in the cellar (makeshift supports hint at problems with the existing supports) Clean, non-crumbling foundations inside and out.

(Can you tell I own an old house? I love my house, but ye GODS, how people survived without burning the place down, poisoning themselves or being crushed in their beds is beyond me.)
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