FernWithy (fernwithy) wrote,

American Idol

Umm... are the judges watching the same show I am? They ripped into Federov, who was at worst a little dull, then heaped praises on Savol, who phoned it in and looked utterly bored to be on stage.


Nadia really was good and Mikalah was horrid but most of their judgments... I don't know.

Carrie Underwood just opened her mouth, and if she doesn't get bad reviews, I'm going to be convinced the judges are trying some kind of weird psychology experiment with the American public. Oh, my Lord. I was hoping that with the '60s theme, country-girl would try some folk, but she's doing something country style and, yuck. Flat, flat, flat. Twangy and nasal and irritating.

Speaking of which, this is kind of limited on the '60s. There's been a ton of Motown, which is good--I like Motown. But I also like British invasion and beach music and folk. Where are the Beatles and Herman's Hermits? Where are the Beach Boys and Jan and Dean? Peter, Paul, and Mary? The Motown sound is lovely, but it's not synonymous with the '60s. Is it just because Motown gives more chances to growl into the microphone? What?

For the contestants, I think my money is on Anwar Robinson, though I've liked Constantine since his band gave him grief (go for doing what you want instead of giving in to peer pressure! At least until you let someone process your hair, man). However, both Constantine and Bo Bice have a little problem in this kind of competition, and I suspect Carrie Underwood does as well: They've decided what exactly they want to do, which is going to get them in trouble in the weeks whose themes don't really leave room for it. Now, I'm all for knowing who you are, but part of the competition--and a part I really like a lot--is that people who make it all the way through are supposed to be versatile, and be able to adapt to what's thrown at them. It's a relief in the world of people who just won't consider listening or performing anything other than their own preferred styles, and I respect the contestants who make it through nine to twelve weeks of this. I don't consider refusing to display versatility a good trait--especially since these are young performers and they may discover something new that's really a good match--and I think if they do a country week, Constantine will be gone. And if the reason there were no Supremes songs in the '60s week is that there's going to be a Supremes week, I can't see Bo surviving it. And G-d help Carrie if they do a Pat Benatar week. Maybe they'll surprise me, but they'll have to decide to do so.

I think Jessica Sierra will be gone this week. I don't even remember what she sang. I think the men will do better than the women, because the talent pool this year was stronger and the six guys they picked were weeded from tougher competition, though Nadia (what is her last name???), Vonzell Solomon, and possibly Carrie Underwood will make it into the top eight.

Cracked crystal ball out.

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