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The great big, huge Harry Potter meme - The Phantom Librarian
Spewing out too many words since November 2003
The great big, huge Harry Potter meme
Snagged from ladyaeryn:

Have you actually read the books?: Is that a trick question? Yes, several times.

...All of them, including the Quidditch one and the schoolbook of Harry's?: Only about half of Quidditch Through the Ages, but all of the beasts one.

Have you seen both movies?: Yeah.

Do you own both movies as well as all 7 current books?: Yes. PS/SS on VHS and DVD.

Do you even LIKE Harry Potter?: Loff.

Who's your favourite character?: I love Harry, but in the end, I have to go with Lupin.

Who's your least favourite?: Hagrid. I dislike the bad guy characters, of course, but enjoy them as characters. Hagrid just irritates me.

Who's the one you wish you could gouge their eyes out with a spork?: For sheer unpleasantness, Umbridge.

Who's dead that you wish you could bring back to life?: Lily, since that seems to be the only way we'll find out about her!

What's your favourite couple?: Ron/Hermione, in canon; for writing, I like Remus/Tonks.

What's your least favourite couple?: There are too many weird pairings that I dislike in general. I'd have to say, of the common ones, Draco/Hermione

Do you read Harry Potter fanfiction?: Not as much as I write it, though there are a handful of stories that I'm always eager for updates on. After a dreadful intro at FFN, I stayed away for a long time, then discovered the Sugar Quill and read compulsively for about a week.

Do you write Harry Potter fanfiction?: Yup. All at the Quill, except for the ficlets I've done here.

What's the weirdest Harry Potter couple you can think of?: Dobby/Dumbledore

Do you like the books better than the movies?: Yes.

Or do you like the movies better than the books?: No. I don't find the movies quite as offensive as I find some adaptations--heck, for adaptations, they bear a very strong resemblance to the books, like second cousins, only once removed--but they're sketchy at best.

Did you sit there and hate the movies at first?: No.

Did you pick apart the movies, finding all the errors?: Just the ones that frustrate me (Ron in the Forbidden Forest in PS/SS)

Did the movies seem a little better with repeated viewings?: Yes.

Did your friend smack you upside the head and tell you to get over it?: Nope.

Do you think Harry will die in the end?: No, I don't think so. He'll pay some very heavy price for his victory, but he won't die. I think Pettigrew will, though. Possibly in Harry's place.

Can you recite the names, nicknames, and animagi forms of the Marauders?: Yes. Ask me something hard.

Do you go through things and pick out all the misspelled names?: The mini-Aragogs? No, but I get a nasty giggle when other people do it.

And then do people get annoyed 'cuz you corrected them?: I only correct people I know well.

Did you know how to pronounce Hermione before the 4th book/1st movie?: Not until JKR told us. But that wasn't long after I started reading.

Do you hate Harry or love Harry?: Love Harry. Adore Harry.

Do you despise Umbridge?: Is there a way to amplify the "Yes" here?

Do you despise JK with a passion for the end of book 5?: No. I actually liked OotP a lot.

Do you know what the J.K in J.K. Rowling stands for?: I know it's Joanne, but I thought she just added the K.

Can you name all the Weasley children in order from oldest to youngest?: Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred/George, Ron, Ginny. We don't know which twin is older. And we'll avoid the maths on the ages.

This or That...

Draco or Harry?: Harry.

Draco and Ginny or Draco and Hermione?: Neither, ever.

Harry and Hermione or Ron and Hermione?: Ron and Hermione.

Draco AND Harry or RON and Harry?: Neither. I don't think either fits any of the characters.

Lord Voldemort or Albus Dumbledore?: I like both of them. I do want to smack Tom Riddle, Sr, big time, though.

Severus Snape or Sybil Trelawny?: I have a weird liking of Trelawney. I like Snape a lot less since OotP.

James or Lily?: James, but probably just because we know him better. I'm more curious about Lily.

Petunia or Lily?: Lily.

Vernon or James?: James.

Petunia and Vernon or Lily and James?: Lily and James.

Hogwarts or Beauxbatons?: Hogwarts... duh.

Wizard or Witch?: Not sure what you mean. I'm a witch, I guess...

Diagon Alley or Hogsmeade?: Hogsmeade

The Three Broomsticks or Hog's Head?: Three Broomsticks

Quidditch or studying?: Studying

Potions or Transfiguration?: Transfiguration

Charms or Defense Against the Dark Arts?: Defense Against the Dark Arts... at least during year three... :)

House Traits...

Are you brave?: When it's called for

Are you intelligent?: Yes

Are you loyal?: Kind of. Not a major factor of my personality, but I'm not disloyal, either.

Are you sly?: No. Pretty upfront.

Are you ambitious?: Big dreamer, not big on the action.

Are you sneaky?: No.

Are you bold?: Lately, yes.

Are you witty?: Not especially.

Are you courageous?: Yes.

Which house do you think you'd be in?: I think that all things combined, plus being a Leo, I'll have to say Gryffindor.


1. What is your favorite Fandom?
They're all nuts. Star Wars is my "home fandom," and Harry Potter is the most pleasant one I've been in (as long as I close my eyes say "I won't read the wank, I won't read the wank," and generally keep to the Quill). Lord of the Rings used to be a nice, intellectual fandom, but it was starting to split the moment the movies were announced, and now it's a mess. Orson Scott Card fandom is pretty nice.

2. What fandom crossovers, if any, do you like to see in your fanfic?
I don't read a lot of them, though when I do, it's usually because I enjoy the concept. I worked on SW/LotR crossover called Not All Who Wander Are Lost, and it worked nicely. I love the concept of mixing Buffy and HP. Also, off the top of my head, I'd love to see Buffy visit Castle County, Maine.

3. What are your favorite pairings and why?
Ron/Hermione: They're just sweet, and they balance each other so well.
Harry/Ginny: I like the kind of protective vibe, the knight-in-shining armour thing.
Remus/Tonks: She's just madly affectionate, and I think he needs that.
Molly/Arthur: A good, solid, comfy marriage.
Lucius/Narcissa: I just enjoyed making the relationship between two evil people be essentially good and loving. Don't know why.
Ted/Andromeda: Don't know.

These next questions are Harry Potter slash specific:
4. Which pairing do you prefer to read?
I don't read slash

(I'm assuming it breaks away from slash here?)
5. At Hogwarts or post Hogwarts?
I like at Hogwarts and historical stories. And Marauders' post-Hogwarts.

6. What professions do you like to see your pair in and which do you hate?
How does this work with pairings? What does it have to do with pairings?

Anyway, I like Hermione working for the Ministry, fighting for elf rights and so on. Harry, a DADA teacher. Ron, also working for the Ministry, but in more of a hands-on helping capacity. Remus, Headmaster of Hogwarts. Tonks can stay where she's at. Ginny, I'm not sure--I actually can see her running a house like Molly's, but I think she's more likely to have an out-of-the-house job. Who knows? Maybe she'll be the one who's an Auror.

7. What kinks do you like to see in fics?
Not large on the kinks. I don't really read fanfic for sex scenes. If they exist, I'm not terribly squicked, but I don't go looking for them.

8. What totally squicks you?
Incest and adult/minor. The prevalence of the latter in HP fic squicks me a lot.

9. Are you a happy ending person?
Not a simple "happy ending," but a complex one, the "eucatastrophe" that Tolkien talks about. I like a happy ending that's bought and paid for in sacrifice.

10. Hurt/comfort, angst, romance, AU. What is your favorite category/type of fic?
I like good AU, but basically, I'm a gen girl. Give me something that ties into the plot and main themes, please.

11. Describe the ultimate fic, how it makes you feel, what it must have, etc.
Must tie into the main plot, some action, a little romance as a sideline (maybe). Mostly, though, it's a question of tapping into the deeper themes of the series, of getting into the real mythos and exploring its meaning. If someone does that well, I'm there.

From [Bad username: jediowl> <a href=]http://apps.hewgill.com/cgi-bin/ljmarkov.pl
Randomized from the journal. Lord, I'm pompous...

The other point, to me, is more an analysis of Anastasia than of Tolkien's essay, but I noticed I was alone in the universes they write in. While there will always be people who thought that meant being an actress, since any fool could tell that Princess Leia was in charge of the first one I did bestir myself to the actions of the day was that I really think it's plausible that Remus saw it. He was meticulously brushing charcoal dust from the Revolution, and it's the day was that no matter how much of a

"Oh, just a trick of the Weasley, Malfoy, and Potter clans. All OCs, of course, the deeper themes of the time). When she noticed that her husband were on the original lesson.) We were rebellious, and had a chance to go back and have no idea what to say to that, but Ginny seemed determined to talk to. You admire others who freely share themselves. When you leave the Jedi Temple and rescue Yoda, who helped her, and it looked... an awful lot like home. So my mom sat me down and explained the Anglosphere one day. This may be

course, relationships that won't be giving you lessons anymore." I don't actually write them. Why????? Oh, well. Disorganized thoughts terminating now. Aargh. Just one of my head, I'd love to see it. And a couple of years ago, I watched a tape of the stories there? Well, I now have a nifty new feedback form, but I noticed I was small, but I get there (and have his exact quote handy). The paraphrase, though, is that reading a fairy tale "The Goosegirl" and a few people who thought that JKR's ruling out of that movie feeling like doing something wrong,

themes of the Gods: A story about how I handle romantic relationships in fiction. (In real life, I'll just make it wrinkle up like bark, but couldn't quite get it right. "See? Like Daphne when Apollo chased her." Mr. Lupin was friends with Sirius and Harry and Ginny will get together, and it always comes out when people complain about its lack of characterization. This was pure characterization through action. You can see Qui-Gon becoming weary, but still trying to dodge it. In the course of this individual?" And of course, factually, she was given her independence without any fuss,

no particular desire to fight about it. "Well, sort of. They become houses, don't they? I think that's it. Not a major fight with England... and besides that, far enough away to stay until you can look at me. It would break his heart." "Oh, well." "I remember that there is such a holiday as Evacuation Day. For those who don't live in houses." She thought about it. "Well, sort of. They become houses, don't they? I think these are good grounds for fanfics. Draco/Hermione isn't going to close. It was well choreographed and well-cut to show it.

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affabletoaster From: affabletoaster Date: March 29th, 2004 08:12 am (UTC) (Link)
Whoo, I don't know if I'll even do this meme, because for a good 75% of the time I'd just be leaving your answers in there. Maybe even more often. Well answered!
volandum From: volandum Date: March 29th, 2004 09:42 am (UTC) (Link)
I've seen this in far more compact form on jadedroses, but I'm not particularly sure if this meme is particularly revealing.
ladyaeryn From: ladyaeryn Date: March 29th, 2004 01:58 pm (UTC) (Link)
Charms or Defense Against the Dark Arts?: Defense Against the Dark Arts... at least during year three... :)

Word on that. :D
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