FernWithy (fernwithy) wrote,

A good (non-fandom) site

A few years ago, my aunt discovered http://www.myfamily.com, where families can have interactive websites, password-locked (for those who don't enjoy public posting... and yes, LJ-ers, they really do exist!), including family news, photos, favorite links, whatever. With the fam spread out all over the place, it turns out to be a really great way to keep in touch, see everyone's little trips, hear about interests, promote one's own writings, and just generally know what everyone is up to. You can invite anyone into a family group, and it's just a good place to hang out.

I bring it up now because just lately, my cousin had the idea of collecting up family websites, and I'm happy to announce that I'm not the only person in my gene pool with quirky interests. I don't know whose permission I have or don't have to post links, but suffice it to say I can go and learn a lot about philately, Shredded Wheat, marine biology, Russian propaganda cards, and research, and I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else has to put up. It's just... fun. Lots of stuff I'd never look at otherwise, because it's not on my radar, but it's definitely on other people's radar, and just... it's cool. I linked over here, 'cause this is the best place to keep up on yrs truly. Dig some Oyster Farming Goodness from my cousins' company, Target Ship Oyster Company (I have permission for that one), with great Cape Cod pictures in the photo section.

Okay... 'nuff o' that. It's a fun thing. I just like it. And if I randomly start talking about cereal, that's why. :D

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