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Comment spam


I was all excited. I got a notice of new reviews on Father's Heart and Family Portrait, and it turned out to be someone spamming with an advertisement for online poker chips. Flaming is bad. Getting all excited to find out that someone hasn't even read the story enough to come up with a coherent flame and is just using it to advertise something totally unrelated...

It makes me all cranky. Family Portrait more than Father's Heart--the latter still gets comments now and then, but it had been ages since I'd heard a peep on FP, a story I always sort of liked, and I was all stoked about seeing that it was getting read again, only it wasn't.

Pout, pout, pout. Poor me, pity party. It looks like the same spammers as before, only this time not bothering with odd comments, just putting in links for the cyber poker-chips. I hate spammers. Just freaking hate them. How to spoil a perfectly nice evening.

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