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Upcoming Buffy/HP crossover

Well, I'm going to be doing another crossover for ithurtsmybrain. This time, apocalypsos isn't requiring a romance between the crossed characters, so I was happy to grab Faith from BtVS and Remus from HP. It's going to take place after the end of BtVS, which is necessarily about ten years after the Voldemort war (Buffy et al are Harry's age, after all), and I'll posit that Remus lives through it and is working in a more repsonsible position that he might have gotten before. The TV guide blurb (I haven't written word 1 yet) is:

When Remus goes to investigate a company claiming to have a cure for lycanthropy, he meets the Slayer Faith, who has been sent to try and rescue a lycanthropic friend who was last seen there.

I haven't decided where to set it, though. It's going to be pretty limited on the canon characters--Remus and Faith, later joined by Oz--so there's no place it specifically needs to be in order to have certain characters around. So, since my decision-making skills are feeling fuzzy, I thought I'd put it up for a poll.

Where should I set my Buffy/HP crossover, featuring Remus, Oz, and Faith?

The Black Forest. Hey, it's got lots of creepy lycanthropy lore and magical history. So what if you don't have the first clue what it's like there? What's research for?
The ruins of Sunnydale. The Hellmouth may be sealed, but it can still mumble, right?
Obscure part of magical Britain. What on earth would Remus be doing elsewhere? And again, with the research.
Boston. Hey, you know it and Faith knows it, so why not?
Western New York. 'Cause random settings are always amusing.

(Did my own answer so I could see the poll quickly, not necessarily because I have any opinion.)

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