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Meme - The Phantom Librarian
Spewing out too many words since November 2003
Snagged from themorningstarr

1. Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, find line 4. Write down what it says.
J.R.R. Tolkien
(Yes, that's all. It's the Letters, and line 4 is the signature line on one.)

2. Stretch your left arm out as far as you can. What do you touch first?
My cheap plastic catch-all shelves. Top shelf.

3. What is the last thing you watched on TV?
SNL, last night

4. WITHOUT LOOKING, guess what time it is.

5. Now look at the clock; what is the actual time?

6. With the exception of the computer, what can you hear?
A few birdies chirping, someone moving around in the upstairs apartment.

7. When did you last step outside? What were you doing?
Yesterday. Opened the door for a delivery guy. (Eek. Note to self: Go out more.)

8. Before you came to this Web site, what did you look at?
Sugar Quill forums, The Pensieve

9. What are you wearing?
Gray sweatpants and a T-shirt from the 11th Annual Youth Peace Conference

10. Did you dream last night?
A lot, but I don't remember much, except for worrying about having forgotten buying ice cream that I didn't buy, and waking up to find it melted on my computer.

11. When did you last laugh?
During an otherwise unfunny SNL, when fake!Donald Trump told real!Donald (the guest host, playing a janitor in the scene) that their bad hair was exactly the same, and TheDonald responded with, "Yeah, but my hair's supposed to look like this. I'm a janitor, not a billionaire."

12. What is on the walls of the room you are in?
Let's see. Lots. Movie posters from TPM and AotC. Six print outs of fan art people did from my stories (two from Sean Cooke, two from Julie, one from Kidd, one from Chris Matthews; some of these are TFN covers). A large Star of David necklace (like, hip hop large), a small mirror with a worked-tin frame, a copy of the Declaration of Independence. My own messy piece of art done in acrylics, an old mirror used by all the various people who've temporarily lived in my house, with things stuck to it from all of them, a broken headdress (circlet) bought at a convention. An American flag, some photographs of Boston, a dream catcher, a kind of surrealist Leo poster, and a bit of abstract impressionism (swirly brown paint, pretty much) that I picked up at an art show.


13. Seen anything weird lately?
Not really.

14. What is the last film you saw?
Scooby-Doo 2. Eh.

16. If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy first?
A house of my own in my neighborhood.

17. Tell me something about you that I don't know.
I go through extreme phases of being a genealogy buff. If you have any Winchesters in your family tree and live in America, we're probably related.

18. If you could change one thing about the world, regardless of guilt or politics, what would you do?
Get everyone to at least pretend to be sane. I'm willing to settle for a convincing act.

19. Do you like to dance?
Yes. I'm terrible at it, but yes.

20. George Bush: is he really doing Dick Cheney?
I somehow doubt it.

21a. Imagine your first child is a girl. What do you call her?
Presuming that my non-existent husband is willing to really let me push him around, Reconcile. It's an old name out of our genealogies. And it could be shortened to Connie. Barring that, Elizabeth. Or maybe Anneke, if I marry a prequel fan.

21b. Imagine your first child is a boy. What do you call him?
Something old-fashioned but not geeky. I like Elijah, or Asher, or Jeremiah. Maybe Gideon.

I'm not very decisive. I like names too much (my mother once shook her head and said, "Well, I don't know what you're going to name your children, but it's certainly going to be interesting"). Good thing I'm a fiction writer and can just use them all.

22. Would you ever consider living abroad?
Just for awhile. I'd never give up my U.S. citizenship, though.

ETA: From ashtur's version of the meme, a somewhat more normal version of question 20:

20: George Bush: Is he a power-crazy nutcase or some one who is finally doing something that has needed to be done for years?
Neither, but closer to the second. When people are bombing you and driving things into ships in harbors to blow them up, and knocking down buildings, and blowing up embassies, someone needs to severely bitch-slap them. It's certainly not something that should be answered by treating it as a legitimate form of political complaint. It's like negotiating with the Mafia for cessation of hostilities against the police.

On the other hand, I'm not sure about his particular strategy. The original smackdown in Afghanistan, yes. But Iraq? There were good and solid reasons to oust Saddam (one of which is that we're the idiots who put him into power and are therefore responsible for cleaning up the mess he made), but al Qaeda connections aren't really among them, at least not more than other countries in the region. I'd be putting a lot more resources into PsyOps, an area of the war where we are losing badly, though I must grudgingly admit that this is because of severe moral qualms rather than bad strategy. We don't like messing with people's minds, even when our enemies specialize in the tactic. (And for those who think the US is brutally trying to force its culture on other people, let's remember that Al Jazeera is still on the air. I mean, honestly, do people really think we don't have the power to hijack a cable station? If we were really unconcerned about morals, it would be broadcasting nothing but Law and Order re-runs, John Wayne movies, and looped presentations of Independence Day.)

I mean, honest truth, I've been pleased with the moderation of the response, something I didn't expect from a big-talkin' Texan. On September 12, 2001, I was sure the nukes were going to start flying. I don't mean that as "Egads, I panicked." I mean, I seriously thought that there was a good chance of another Hiroshima happening, only this time with the whole world bristling with the miserable things--the basic "tenfold" response to bullying ("You hit me, I'll hit you tenfold"--theory being that it makes such actions "too expensive" for the terrorists to continue with; I remember hearing it quite a lot that first month). That old childhood bogeyman--The Day After--was in my nightmares again, and I was terrified of that.
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ivylore From: ivylore Date: April 5th, 2004 05:19 pm (UTC) (Link)

If you have any Winchesters in your family tree....

Run far, far away...

Just kidding. I actually went and dug out my Genealogy file thinking the name was familiar but it's Wentworth, not Winchester. Unless you have any Drurys or Dustins or Bucklands in there. Have you ever used the online sources such as Ancestry.com? I keep debating signing up for a try, but I don't know anyone who's actually used them or whether they're worth it.

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