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Question: I'm not on a lot of SW sites anymore (really just one), so I was wondering... has my AU, "Coming Home," at FF.N, been recced somewhere? (And see how sneakily and subtly I linked it? ;p) I haven't touched it there since November of 2002, but suddenly, I've gotten nine reviews since April (eight since RotS came out), and previously no one had commented since June of 2004... and before that, there'd only been a little trickle since it first went up. Hence, curiosity. I actually dug up the expanded version of it that I'd been doing on TFN before I got tired of it (imadra_blue will be glad to know that it kills Siri painfully), and it's not a half-bad story, but where's the attention to it suddenly coming from? Especially for the original little short version.

Not that I mind. It's always a nice surprise to get love for an old fic. I'm just curious.

EDIT: I added the first three chapters (and prologue) of the long version of this story to HB, as, while I have severe doubts I'll finish it, I rather liked what I had so far, and it's definitely not in the removable serial number category.

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