FernWithy (fernwithy) wrote,

New Dumbledore's Grid entry

D'you all remember Dumbledore's Grid? Magical enviroments around one's hometown?

Well, I'm no stickler for deadlines, and danaedark has decided to try some fic writing. Since she was my first writing collaborator ever ("You two... you can't paint. So go write a script while the rest of us make the cave set!"--it was Homer fanfic), this makes me quite happy. Anyway, she's just gotten started, an outline and the first two sections. Remus and Tonks in Asheville, North Carolina. Graple Haired Girl and the Sad Brown Man.

Outline, Part One, Part Two

I am enjoying this particular return to fiction. Especially a half-naked man in waist-length dreadlocks hanging off of a fountain.

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