FernWithy (fernwithy) wrote,

First day of school

Chapter 3 of Shades is up at SQ.

Well, school finally started today. ("And they gave me homework!" one of our regulars informed us in a betrayed tone of voice.) The kids are mildly hyper and have had to be scolded for rough-housing. And one threw a notebook along the length of the shelves, for reasons not entirely clear to me. I'm contemplating putting up a snarkily-phrased list of computer rules, but I doubt it would go over well, so I'll probably stick to the bland list.

At any rate, my usual gang isn't here begging for extensions on their computer time. I'm feeling oddly put out by this. ;)

I always get restless at the beginning of the school year. You'd think thirty-five years old is more than old enough to adjust myself to living in the adult world, which doesn't take a couple of months off when the weather is warm, but I can't enter September without thinking that I should have at least a couple of new outfits, new office supplies, and a clean slate with a new teacher. Maybe if I didn't work with school kids, I'd think of the year starting in January and going through December. Or even starting at Rosh Hoshanah and going on through to the next one (which is at least the same season). But no. I think of the year as starting in September, going through June, and having a two month stretch of restfulness to regroup and get ready for the next bout.

Anyway, since I'm all restless and thinking school, call for drabble challenge: Give me any character in my fandoms (or in the origi-fic I've put up), and I'll drabble a first day of school for him or her.

EDIT: I'll get to the others, but it's bedtime.

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