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Fanfic meme - The Phantom Librarian
Spewing out too many words since November 2003
Fanfic meme
Gakked from gehayi

When did you write your first "Fanfiction" piece?:

When I was thirteen or fourteen.

What was it for?:
Star Wars--wrote it for fun with some friends. We'd made up a group of next-generation characters that we role-played over the summer, and I started writing down their adventures. Ghastly, horrendous Sues, the whole lot of them.

I wrote one the same year for Lord of the Flies, which was a class assigment in English. I don't remember exactly how it went.

Did you actually post it anywhere?:
Pre-internet. Thank G-d for small favors. And I never heard of a 'zine until I was twenty.

What series have you written fanfics for? (both posted stories, and non-posted stories):
Let's see, Star Wars, Quantum Leap, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, some role playing Hatrack River and Enderverse by Orson Scott Card.

Any Original Characters (ones that got named) that you had inhabit the series universes? If so- who/where? (yes, this is where we embarrass you by revealing your dark secrets!):
What's deep and dark about OCs? :scratches head:


Star Wars:
Jaet Bishapi, Leia's Rebel mentor; Zeria, Leia's best friend; Vertash G'lahter, the son of a Death Star officer; Kerea Morlana, his Alderaani girlfriend; Dritali Neral, their third friend, who becomes Luke's first padawan; all the boys from Vertash's school (well, those who survived "The Flight To Rison's Deep," anyway); Mol Zokusa, a scummy former Imperial officer; Kel Rejuo, an alien woman engineer whose career in the Empire Vader champions; Daj Orti, a Neimoidian toy retailer who befriends young Anakin; Shmi Skywalker's younger brother (deceased), Jeztiz; Zemai Laryhi, the first Sith apprentice after the uprising; her son, who founds a dynasty of record keepers whose secret duty is to keep the Sith in line...

Um, I'm losing track. Suffice it to say, I have a lot of SW OCs. The ones I tend to keep returning to are Dritali, Vertash, Zemai, and (in my head if not on screen), Jeztiz. I want to unkill him and bring him back post RotJ, and have him adopted by Amidala (he's been in stasis or something).

Harry Potter:
Elizabeth Phelan, the werewolf who bit Remus; Vega Black-Potter, Phineas Nigellus's niece and Dumbledore's DADA teacher (and first crush); Granny Tonks; Dora's friends, Sanjiv McChatten (an artist), Daffy Apcarne (a goofball whose career is indeterminate), and Freddie Wizendale (head girl). Also Berit Ollivander, with whom I haven't worked yet, but plan to. Weasley, Potter, and Granger ancestors in a medieval story that's not getting finished.

Lord of the Rings:
Lily Withypoll-Baggins, Frodo's (wince) wife and Gala Baggins their (double-wince) daughter. Total Sues, but I actually like them and their stories.

Quantum Leap:
Lots. We'll just leave it there.

If you had the chance to have the original creator turn any of your fanfics into an actual *real* piece, which story would you choose?
Father's Heart. All of my other SW work ultimately came out of that, and if that one were real, I could make a case for all of the others. In it, young Princess Leia befriends Darth Vader, who serves as her protector, her mentor, and her adversary... until each commits an unforgiveable crime against the other. (HP-wise, Lines of Descent.)

Do you have any weird music quirks that help you write?
I'll leave just about anything on, though if the song is telling a story, it will distract me from the one I'm writing. But if I'm going to write in a time period, I'll spend some time getting into it listening to the relevant music.

What are common "themes" you hide in your stories?
Probably the biggest is identity--who are we, and what makes us who we are? What's permanent and what's transitory? (Hence my love of the AU.) I also tend to write a lot about consequences--if x happened, what would that change? What would be the fallout of y? Love as what Stephen King referred to as "a practical force in human affairs" tends to show up a lot as well, and contact with things that are deeper than what they seem to be. (Eg, dealing with Anakin's prophecy--what happens if it isn't fulfilled? How do the great forces balance?) And duty. Duty's a big one.

What are your favorite characters to write POVs from?
I like a lot of them for different reasons. Remus Lupin is good, because I "get" Remus to some extent; I'm not so very different in the way I approach things. Tonks is fun because she's so different--her total inability to focus on a single thought is very different from me. And I like Peter Pettigrew's viewpoint, simply because he's so normal. In Star Wars, I enjoy Anakin's viewpoint because he's so wrapped around in circles, and insane!Padmé from the Lady Vader stories, because she's seeing everything that's happening, but on another level, not seeing it at all. Luke is fun because he's down to Earth. The ones I don't enjoy? James Potter, whose personality continues to confound me; Harry, simply because he's JKR's POV character, so there's not much new to say that stands any chance of not being canon-balled; Dumbledore, because he knows too bloody much. Not wild about writing Han Solo (he's never been a favorite of mine), either, but for the most part I like different things about different SW POVs.

What story of yours do you wish more people would read and love?
Hmmm. Well, obviously, everyone should read and love every word I've ever written. :P

Just kidding; obviously, not going to happen. Everyone has different tastes. I'm gratified at the ones people have tended to read (FH, the Lady Vader stories, Doll Army, Of A Sort, Lines of Descent). I guess of the "minor" sorts of stories--the less-read ones--I'd say The Flight to Rison's Deep, one I'm proud of because it's (a) Imperial sympathetic without being morally ambiguous about the Empire itself, (b) all original character, and (c) written entirely about boys--it's a boys' boarding school--and has been well-received by male readers, which tells me I'm doing something right. Oh, and (d), includes a religious character whose religion is just part of who he is, and doesn't give him any special mystical powers. I just like that one.

If you could pick a specific scene of your story to be made into a comic-book/doujinshi format, what scene from what fanfic would you pick?
No clue about the manga terms. I'm not much of a comic book person, but I think one of the most visual scenes I've done is a scene from The Ascension of the Queen in which Amidala, in deep meditation, sees and speaks to several different versions of herself, absorbing each, then finally being absorbed into a functioning whole personality. In HP-land, maybe the train crash from Minerva McGonagall's Sorting.

And last but not least- Why do you like writing fanfiction?
I like trying to fit new things in, like a puzzle, without disturbing the whole. I also like thinking fictionally about what it all means.
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