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Dreams, quibbling, and a cute kitten - The Phantom Librarian
Spewing out too many words since November 2003
Dreams, quibbling, and a cute kitten
Do other people have colds in which there are several simultaneous symptoms? Could I have one of those? No, mine are serial. They fake me out between acts. First, it's the earache. Then, the sore throat. Then, a day off. Now, sneezing and runny nose. If I recall my last cold correctly, phase four is a persistant cough. I'd really like to have them all at once and get rid of it, rather than stringing it along for a week and a half. Bleh.

Two weird dreams about being in danger, but never getting close to actually being caught.

The first involved two high school friends, one of whom I'm still in regular contact with. The three of us were in Mexico for something (a writing retreat, maybe) when Mexico was abruptly overtaken by the Pharaohs. Yes, the Pharaohs. Complete with full costume drama wardrobe. They didn't like us and we had to get out of there. We were supposed to swim away from shore at a secluded part of the beach, but I had to go back to the house where we'd been staying for some reason. When I got back, one of my friends had left with the organized retreat, but the other--the one I'm still friends with--had stayed to wait for me. We dove into the water just as Pharaoh's men came around the bend. For some reason, once were in the water, we were safe, and as long as we remained there, we were safe. So we swam north, through a network of interconnected high school swimming pools (some that happened to be in high school libraries), until we reached Niagara Falls, where we just swam around at the bottom of the falls for awhile trying to decide what to do. We were, btw, totally dry. The Pharaoh's people had infiltrated the States somehow, so K and I decided to go to Canada, but, despite being on the border, we couldn't find any Canadian officials to help us.

Second dream involved me, a total stranger, and Sofia Loren. Stranger and I were trying to get home, and Ms. Loren (who might have been playing a role here) offered us a lift. Stranger accepted, I turned it down provisionally, but said I could use a lift somewhere later. She agreed. This is where the narrator kicks in, saying, "Little did she know that this was a fateful and dangerous choice..." Except that dream-me could hear the narrator, so she knew perfectly well, and instead of getting in the car, I barricaded myself in the house and started trying to figure out who she was and rescue Stranger, who was now missing.

Both of these dreams seemed to go on forever. Wonder what Trelawney would make of them.

I watched Apollo 13 tonight, and am officially in a mood to write about a creative and intelligent space pilot, so sjepstein will be glad to know that tomorrow, I'll do the Han story he requested. Those of you who know SW-me know that this is a relatively rare choice for me.

I figured out that I spent three of the last twenty-four hours writing, not just fiddling around with the computer and moving sentences here and there. That's really productive. Now, if only I could find a way to make myself do it with something I could get paid for. I enjoy being paid to write. It's a good feeling. Not so good that I wouldn't write without it, but it's sure nice to pay the phone bill with words. Feels like I'm doing what I was built to do instead of doing my day job and wishing I was doing something else. Maybe I'll do private entry hour-fics or something (I don't post original fic publically, and I'd probably take it down as soon as it was finished, but if I could just accomplish this little Jedi mind trick on myself)...

Well, sneezy-girl should go to sleep now, since there's work in the morning. B'bye.

Oh, yeah, gakked from everyone.

Which random kitten picture are you
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This QuickKwiz by lebowski - Taken 3517 Times.

BTW, where the hell does the word "gakked" come from? I can't decide whether I like it or hate it. At least the meaning is obvious from context. (Unlike, apparently, "snarky" and "wonky," which I made the mistake of using in mixed--'net and not--company, and got blank stares.)
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myf From: myf Date: April 19th, 2004 09:46 pm (UTC) (Link)
I've been wondering about that word too, but I tend to spell it 'gacked' because it offends my sensibilities less that way.

it's sure nice to pay the phone bill with words
sounds wonderful. Now, if I could find a way to read for a living I'd be set. No, not having to write about it afterwards, or edit it... just read. I guess I can keep dreaming, eh?

I myself gave your entry a blank look when you said people didn't understand 'snarky' and 'wonky'... then I realised you live in the US. Whoops!
atropos87 From: atropos87 Date: April 20th, 2004 01:19 am (UTC) (Link)
Both those words are in common useage in the UK too.
From: (Anonymous) Date: April 19th, 2004 10:02 pm (UTC) (Link)
I've always thought it evolved from a typo of 'ganked', which means basically the same thing (though where *that* word comes from, I don't have any better idea.)

- Wendy
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