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OTP meme - The Phantom Librarian
Spewing out too many words since November 2003
OTP meme
Okay, glad I checked LJSeek, because somehow or other, I missed it when czgoldedition tagged me for this meme, and that sounds like a good way to not do my housework.

Pick 5 of your OTPs and then list which specific moment what made them your OTP. Then tag 5 people.

Except I'm not tagging anyone, because I have no idea who's been tagged and who hasn't, so anyone who wants to, please, consider yourself tagged.

Harry Potter: Remus/Tonks
I've never been much of a shipper, honestly--most people know that. Genfica chica, you know? If a ship was happening in canon, I'd be interested in knowing how it would play out pretty much the same way I'd be interested in seeing how the mystery of the day worked out. So it surprised me a great deal when, on the strength of a handful of fairly subtle clues, I came out of OotP totally believing that Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks were a couple. In fact, I came out of their first scene thinking something along the line of, "Oh, look--JKR put in a love interest for Lupin. How nice of her." It wasn't anything passionate at the time, just an observation. Since nothing of the ship was shown in that book, I kind of wondered if I'd just had my first shipper reaction to minor cues to form an idea of a romance, and shook it off... until I went online and found that other people had also noticed the same things I had, and a few others. After that, I started writing what I saw and extrapolating it out into the times in their lives that we didn't see, and of course writing something makes you get attached to it after awhile. ;)

I think, for me, the thing that was really striking was her parallel introduction. In PoA, Harry is in the dark and frightened during a Dementor attack, and he hears Lupin's voice rasping out, saying to be quiet, and a moment later, light appears. In OotP, Harry is in the dark and frightened by the fallout from a Dementor attack, and Tonks's voice rings out, wanting to know why everyone is standing in the dark, and a moment later, light appears. It was such a neat little bit of paralleling, then followed by that friendly banter between them in the kitchen, and their repeated pairing when they protect Harry. I really enjoyed it, and started playing both with how they parallel one another, and how they also complement one another in personality. I never expected JKR to actually confirm it--I didn't think she thought Lupin was worth the furor it would cause in fandom to follow through on it--but I was very delighted when she did.

Harry Potter: James/Lily
Such a foundational relationship, and the one we know the least about! There's so much I want to know about these two. How long did James crush on her? What did they think about one another at the very start, before James's head got swollen? What made Lily come around at last? What did they talk about when they were having dinner, and who was better at getting Harry to eat his strained peas? This is a couple I quite genuinely want to know more about.

Star Wars: Anakin/Padmé
Okay, I wasn't wild about the direction in RotS, but Anakin wasn't exactly himself just then. I loved how he loved her all his life, and how she understood him, and how they were able to be themselves with each other in a way they couldn't be with anyone else. Besides... Luke and Leia's parents, dude. Without this ship, you have no saga. That's power, just inherent in the whole set up. This is a love that can destroy and later save a galaxy. And I liked them both individually, right up until Padmé did her Victorian fainting couch routine, and I still like her up to that point and think that if she'd survived, she'd have come around. Been sad, no doubt, but come around.

Buffy: Willow/Oz
I saw this ship all out of order, beginning with "Lover's Walk," so it took me awhile to warm up to it, but the moment it totally won me was the Animal Crackers conversation, where Oz is talking about the animals' thoughts, and interrupts himself long enough to tell Willow that she has the cutest smile, then goes back to wondering why the monkey is the only animal with pants, and if the other animals are jealous. And Willow's hope for him to get "an A [in Willow], with a little gold star." Her sincere desire to fix things after she screws up, and his admission that he feels like he's "missing a torso" without her endeared both of them to me--there's something about the way they communicate through most of their relationship that really is wonderful. Oz may be taciturn and occasionally monosyllabic, but he's not at all emotionally distant. I loved him when Willow was kidnapped by the mayor, and everyone else is discussing the merits of making a trade for her, and he silently gets up and throws the potion across the room, rendering the discussion pointless. And his line to her just before he leaves--"All my life, I've never loved anything else." That, I think, said a lot about why he was the way he was. Everything else could be casual and noncommital... but never Willow. For her part, the growth she experienced when she realized that someone could find her attractive and interesting was astounding--she blossomed and realized that maybe she was interesting, maybe she was worth the notice of someone she cared about, quite a revelation after several years of crushing on the kind but clueless Xander.

Also, just... they're so damned cute!

Buffy: Spuffy
This one got weird in season six, which I chalk up to uninspired writing, but it started to come back around in season seven. What I liked about this one was how slowly it developed, following Spike on his strange odyssey, as he was at first forced into fighting by Buffy's side and later came to consider it the place he most wanted to be, as his "William" identity came more and more to the forefront. I think they had Buffy realizing this--when she apologizes for using him in season 6, it's "William" she apologizes to. For her part, learning first to deal with him as a person rather than just as an ex-enemy or a dependent was real moment of growth for her, and when she realized that she could talk to him and trust him... well, it was touching. I think that neither of them knew what to do with their feelings as they started to grow, and that was well portrayed. I think even some of the stuff that happened in Season 6 make sense in terms of them trying to retreat into old roles as the power balance shifts between them, though I still think a lot of that was just clumsiness. It's mainly Spike's part in the romance, though, that I find fascinating and really loved, as he gradually awakens until, by "Tabula Rasa," he is thinking of himself as a hero enough that he thinks of himself as such even when he doesn't remember that he loves Buffy--that's a fundamental change that loving her has made in him, just by the nature of loving someone.
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story645 From: story645 Date: December 4th, 2005 05:06 am (UTC) (Link)
Word on the Spike/Buffy. I also think a lot of that ships heart comes from the Spike part of the equation.
ladyvorkosigan From: ladyvorkosigan Date: December 4th, 2005 04:00 pm (UTC) (Link)
I like your description of Buffy/Spike, particularly this: "It's mainly Spike's part in the romance, though, that I find fascinating and really loved, as he gradually awakens until, by "Tabula Rasa," he is thinking of himself as a hero enough that he thinks of himself as such even when he doesn't remember that he loves Buffy--that's a fundamental change that loving her has made in him, just by the nature of loving someone."

I had never thought of it that way before, and actually, while I enjoyed Tabula Rasa I had always been a bit disturbed by Spike's behavior there and wasn't sure how it fit. But this makes a lot of sense.

I did like season 6 Spuffy though, not in any romantic way, but because, while it wasn't always well-written or executed, I thought SMG did a good job of portraying Buffy's depression and the somewhat selfish and tunnel-vision result of it.
(Deleted comment)
fernwithy From: fernwithy Date: December 5th, 2005 01:18 am (UTC) (Link)
I only use Spuffy of those kinds of ship-names. There are others in the HP fandom, of course--Snupin, Snaco, Dramione--but it seems more common to have cute names for ships (the R/T is the HMS WotcherWolvie, H/Hr is the Harmony, and R/Hr is simply--and brilliantly, imho, The Good Ship).

Me, I just use them arbitrarily if I like them.
ladylavinia From: ladylavinia Date: December 5th, 2005 07:37 pm (UTC) (Link)
In regard to the two Harry Potter ships mentioned - I don't have a comment, because they didn't move me.

Anakin/Padme - I found nothing wrong with ROTS's direction, in regard to their relationship. I suspect that the fact that both had decided to conduct their marriage in secret made them both too emotionally attached to each other. We all know how Anakin's attachment had led him to make his decision. Padme's attachment, on the other hand, was equally fascinating, but in a subtle way. I suspect that all of those years spent putting her professional duty before her private life had made Padme even more determined to hold on to her marriage more than ever. I found it interesting that while Anakin wanted to reveal their relationship, Padme seemed more determined than ever to keep it a secret. Someone had once commented that both of them had formed some kind of symbiotic relationship by the end of AOTC . . . and it's true. Which is why I wasn't surprised that both had experienced a kind of death when Anakin's turn to darkness had torn them apart.

Willow/Oz - Personally, I thought that Willow's relationship to Oz seemed more of a boost to her ego than true love. Willow seemed to judge her own worthiness based upon the fact that she was dating a musician. And quite honestly, I found it difficult to enjoy a relationship harbored by two introverts. Which is why I had trouble with the Willow/Tara relationship.

Buffy/Spike - This relationship was one of the most fascinating ships in television history. Really! It was complex, messy and filled with many dark turns (as seen in their S6 affair). In fact, the Spuffy ship seemed more real to me than the highly romanticized Buffy/Angel relationship of the early years. This relationship had forced both characters to mature into adult behavior.

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