FernWithy (fernwithy) wrote,

Hey, R/Ters!

R/Ters... don't forget that the rt_challenge, er, challenges start today. A prompt a day, for drabbles, sketches, whatever. (My first drabble is here.) Even if you didn't sign up for it, it's a great place to roll around in R/T related goodness. :)

  • Dia challenge 4

    Harris, Mags, Finnick and the other Four victors in the afterlife, discussing the changes in Four, etc. for Anon 1 Okay. They're Catholic, so I…

  • Dia challenge 3

    Chicharrón being forgotten is what really made me bawl and he was snatched away before we got to know him so maybe a friendship piece between him…

  • Dia challenge 2

    I remember one of your earlier Coco fics mentioned that Franco fell for Elena because of the great cowboy boots she made. Could you do one with the…

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