FernWithy (fernwithy) wrote,

rt_challenge links, week 2

Yeah, I've randomly posted a couple of these links, but I'm going to do a wrap-up every seven entries.

8. Cathedral--After Dumbledore's funeral, Remus visits Gryffindor Tower.
9. No Need To Be Alone--At Christmas, Tonks re-vists a childhood haunt.
10. Everything--When Remus is bitten, his parents wonder about his prospects in life.
11. She Stays The Same--Drabble of random Remus thoughts.
12. Shoe Haiku--Haikus about shoes. But they don't rhyme.
13. Souvenirs--Remus shows Tonks trinkets acquired on various trips while his parents searched for a cure.
14. Part of the Family--While planning her wedding, Tonks gets a letter from a concerned relative.

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