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Thanks to gwennanmai's comment on my Wiki-fu is love post, I've been over at www.mousebreaker.com, playing their geography games. I must master GeoGenius Africa! I've only made about two-thirds of the way through before hitting time out, and some of that's been hit or miss. I've gotten Europe a couple of times and, to my delight, all the states the first time. But the City Clicker games are the ones that are going to be the death of me--land shapes with no physical or geographical boundaries marked, and you have to place the locations of cities. That's fine if they're coastal cities on distinctively shaped bays, but sheesh... trying to place Dallas on the international one is a pain! And I gave up on the England/Wales-specific one. Some of them, I can find, but I have a feeling a few are like asking people from overseas to find Batavia, NY, on a map with no clues and no physical landmarks. Heck, I'm not sure Massachusetts people could find it, and it's right on the Thruway/I-90.

Well, that was a pointless post.

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