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Eep! - The Phantom Librarian
Spewing out too many words since November 2003
It's been more than a week since I did a Shades section. I started one yesterday and decided it was going in the wrong direction, but I didn't realize how long it had been. I've been reading so much that the writing has been slower than usual (largely because I devote the same part of the day--namely, the graveyard of night to both when I'm really into it--and I just can't do both at exactly the same time). I also keep doing a false start on an original piece. I thought reading Artamon and learning to live with the too-obvious names of political entities would help ease my fears of having too-obvious scenarios, but no, I'm still picking at it and thinking, "Hmm, is that too much? Is the original question still way too close to the surface?" It doesn't help that the last original thing I wrote all the way through really did have a lot of overdone stuff that came off as screechy. Though at least I did finally make it through and get Brigid Tsao and her dystopian Boston out in some kind of concrete form, however screechy it was. And it was a screechy kind of world, I guess. Not at all subtle, and born of my own annoyance at watching people shove their tongues down each other's throats at a public bus stop and feeling each other up in a public restaurant. Oh, well. Venting annoyance has its virtues, though they aren't really in the realm of writing good fiction. It would have never sold anyway. Too reactionary. Onward and upward to my recently conquered land of Unosa.

And back to Shades as well. One more month before I'm free of the Christmas conversation restrictions and only have the many conversations mentioned in the hospital scene... in other words, Tonks and Remus can interact a whole lot more once we hit January, and I won't have to be trying to do totally separate plots. I'm looking forward to braiding the story threads all together, which probably explains my frustration with having a whole month to go first! Stuff I'm looking forward to includes Tonks meeting Sweet and becoming friends with Fleur, who has never had a really good female friend before. I think Gabrielle might make an appearance as well, though I'm not sure. The Exquiro Corpus spell that Andromeda taught Tonks will also have a role, though not a big one. Maybe I should use this month to re-introduce it, since it's been awhile.
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harriet_wimsey From: harriet_wimsey Date: March 29th, 2006 08:04 pm (UTC) (Link)
Yay Shades! I've been checking obsessively to make sure you didn't post something somewhere that I missed--I need my Fern-fic! You may get frustrated with it, but it really doesn't show in the story. I'm looking forward to reading the whole thing through at once in one sitting once it's finished, so I can see how all the plot threads pop up in different places.
hermia7 From: hermia7 Date: March 30th, 2006 05:10 am (UTC) (Link)
I think you're way too hard on yourself. You are serializing a really complex fic, in near-publication-ready form, and keeping it within canon while opening up huge amounts of new territory. Allow yourself a break every now and then! We may check all the time for new stuff but you're the one letting us see it in progress instead of waiting ages for it at the Quill! (I am so, so glad I somehow found my way over here from there.)

Re. the Exquiro Corpus spell, you mentioned it fairly recently--didn't Tonks admit that she hadn't been doing it often? I think it was Dumbledore asking about her parents and their trip overseas, etc. It isn't actually that long ago once you read all the chapters side by side!

gloryforever From: gloryforever Date: March 30th, 2006 09:19 pm (UTC) (Link)
Will you be taking part in the second round of the rt_challenge?
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