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April 7 poem rec, and rambling

This creepy thing from Kenneth Patchen's collection But Even So... is another one I got the rec for from King; it's used in Danse Macabre to introduce a section on fairy tale horror. I think the actual title is "Little Red Riding Hood."

Come now,
my child,
if we were planning
to harm you, do you think
we'd be lurking here
beside the path
in the very dark-
est part of
the forest?

Kenneth Patchen

If you look at it cross-eyed, you can see the shape of a wolf's head.

I like it because it's shivery and weird and scary.

My mom sent me another of those lists of "You know you're from Buffalo when..." This one purports to be from Jeff Foxworthy, though I strongly doubt it. It included this one:

If someone in a store offers you assistance, and they don't work there, you might live in Buffalo; because you're all so damn friendly.

I laugh at this madly because I'm always and forever offering to help people who look lost in a store or a T station, or are staring confusedly at a map. Even if I haven't the faintest idea where I am. I mean, hey, it's possible that I could figure it out, right? This is how I gave a guided tour of Salem after visiting it a total of once in my life. Thank heaven I was with other imaginative people (jiminyc and her daughter), and when we got past the area I'd actually been in, they were able to pick up the slack and explain the significance of the orange tape on the trees. I never knew so many odd things about local history!

(I kind of missed that the other day when I was carrying a large rug two blocks. Normally, I'm all about the whole Boston mind-your-own-business attitude, but it occurred to me that in Buffalo--or, to be fair, down south--six people would have offered to help me before I got to the first corner.)
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