FernWithy (fernwithy) wrote,

Wicked pissa of a day

You know, local dialect is drying up so quickly that you barely need a translator to get around Boston these days. So I was very surprised when a smiling janitor came over from the window this morning and said, "It's a pissa of a day, in't it?" Took me a minute to remember that, in Bostonian, that counterintuitively translates to, "She's a corker, ain't she?" Or, you know, "Damn, it's nice out--wish I weren't stuck at work," as we would say in the more literally minded climes.

Anyway, I had a nice long lunch break because there's no one to cover a regular break later, and I think I got enough stuff stored up to make a poem for tomorrow, including a random stranger who came up to me in the park and said, "Sister, why can't it be like this ALL YEAR?," a horrible artist staring forlornly at the same bunch of bad paintings he's been trying to sell on the streetcorner for at least two weeks, a strident woman in a power suit on the phone extolling progressive politics, and a T-shirt booth selling T-shirts saying, "We are all Kenyan today!"

Also, it's just very pretty out, and I had a nice, healthy lunch--turkey, asparagus, and mushrooms, all fresh.

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