FernWithy (fernwithy) wrote,

Kitteh, part 2

Well, I got an adult cat, a one-year-old female with fluffy black hair. They called her "Chelsea" at the shelter, but I think I'm going to name her Feathertail, after one of the Warriors cats, because her tail looks like a big black plume. We'll see, though--we haven't had long to get to know each other, as she is currently engaged in the feline tradition of hiding when introduced to a new place. Jelly Roll is engaged in the time-honored feline tradition of pouting in the other room and looking at me like I've betrayed him so utterly that I may never be forgiven. (Though he allows me to pet and spoil him, and purrs while he's making pathetic little hissing noises, so I guess we'll be okay.)

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