FernWithy (fernwithy) wrote,

Just a cat post

I'm going to start the new Shades segment in a sec, but I must report a minor wonder. I'm letting Jelly Roll and Cinderpelt spend more time together, and the last thing in the world I would have expected seemed to be a bonding experience. Jelly is horribly food-jealous, because the vet has him on a diet, so I've been trying to keep Cindy away from his food. Today, while they were on a semi-unsupervised play visit, I noticed that there was no noise at all coming from the dining room, and went in to find them cheerfully sharing Jelly's food. He even moved aside to give her a better angle. This, from a cat who literally lies on top of his timed bowl as soon as the chamber switches and inhales the whole meal in ten minutes.


So breaking catfood together works the same for cats as breaking bread does for us. They've been perfectly friendly ever since, even grooming each other. (And they're both fixed, so I doubt there's any, erm, instinct involved.)

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