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Geography according to the LJ Cluster Map

So, I was looking at my LJ Cluster Map, just for kicks. I know that a few people are accomplished scuba divers living in futuristic ocean colonies (:waves to dragon_boots, chickadilly, azaelia_culnamo dreamer_marie, veryshortlist, and leftsockarchive:... I had no idea how popular undersea colonies had gotten!), and godrics_h lives on the sunny shore of Antarctica, but I never really looked at the locations on land, until I noticed that I had another exotic group of friends living above the arctic circle, in far north Alaska. So I clicked. I never would have guessed that Vancouver, New York, and Montgomery were all up there! Or that there are actually two places called Vancouver, BC, and one of them is right on top of New Haven, CT. The things you learn on LJ! And here I thought I had a pretty good handle on geography. I'll have to rethink everything now...


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