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Ah, the cure for a headache is amusement. :)

Everyone has beaten me to the punch on revealing what's on JKR's spiffy new website, so I'll content myself with just loving her tone. She's fannish... you just know it. Only a fannish person would know to tell us the color of Sirius's eyes, Ginny's full name, and Molly's maiden name (thank you, thank you, JKR--I needed that for my gen ficathon entry, and was about to settle for someone being a relative of Arthur's when I really wanted him to be a relative of Molly's). Of course, she does miss a beat with the American wizards question--it's not just that people want to see American wizards; they want to see how they would operate in the Potterverse, so "writing your own book" doesn't help, unless she's planning to license it... Hmmm. Extra points for frustrated tone, though.

Snarkiness about not calling Voldemort "Voldie" and treating him like "with a bit of therapy, he'd be a nice guy."

Total frustration with anyone but James as Harry's father.

Voldemort=last descendent of Slytherin. End of story. Again, extra points for snark. Loving JKR.

"How dare you?" as the answer to Lily being a DE or Peter being Neville's father. No mixed messages there!

Total giggling at the H/H vs. R/H fights.

Points for non-snarkiness on the Remus's twin issue, which she shoots down but admits to understanding the origin of.

Great portkey concept (though I wish there were a non-flash version for those of us with slow connections).

And she's going to start picking favorite fansites! Whee! (How to create net drama, though...)

This woman knows how to keep the excitement up between books. And possibly how to spend some time when she's having trouble with a chapter or something. :)

Now, I'm off to beat her Minesweeper score.

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