FernWithy (fernwithy) wrote,

So AI is back. The gong show stuff is always amusing, in its own masochistic way. Anyway. Onward. I'm not in love with anyone from this round, though apparently, this is going to be the year of the judges saying, "Dawg, why don't you try a song by _______?" Which actually makes sense, given what they do when they aren't being AI judges. The rocker guy who Simon kept trying to actually give useful advice to really didn't get what he was being told. He had a decent sense of melody, but that fake growly tone is awful--he should listen to people with experience, work on using his own voice instead of pretending to be Chris Daughtry, and come back next year with a better chance. But instead, he's taking this weird stand that refusing to learn means that he's showing integrity. Which pretty much means he's screwed.

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