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IT still lives!!!! - The Phantom Librarian
Spewing out too many words since November 2003
IT still lives!!!!
I am bored, and was looking through old posts trying to find something, and I came across this one, with tongue-in-cheek thoughts about more bizarre TV series that could be "adapted" from Stephen King books. Because I am bored, I have an insane desire to make up more of them.

Not to actually write them. Just to make them up.

Rose, Inc: The lives and loves of the staff of guardians who work in the building built around the Rose in the the DT series. Every few episodes, a portal opens into another King world, giving endless opportunities for crossovers with other bad King adaptations.

Insomniacs: Ralph and Lois don't entirely lose their ability to see auras after their adventure with Clotho and Lachesis, and each week, one of them catches sight of a deadly danger showing in someone's aura, and they--with the help of friendly librarian Mike Hanlon--must step in and try to help before it's TOO LATE!

Jerusalem's Lot: A group of Fearless Vampire Hunters comes in and clears most of the vamps out of 'salem's Lot, moving into the places that didn't burn in the big fire (hey, it's cheap real estate!), but it turns out that vampires were just the beginning. And it's totally not a ripoff the Hellmouth! It's the, er, Gates of Hades!

Misery's World: Paul Sheldon has been having vivid nightmares since Annie Wilkes died, and can't seem to shake them. Finally, a phantasm comes to life and he dives for the only escape he can find--a portal which literally takes him through the page and into Misery's world! As he fights his way through the world he created, trying to figure out how to influence it to let him out, he develops a grudging respect for the feisty heroine.

Travelin' Jack: Jack "Hollywood" Sawyer is now a king in the Territories, but the palace life isn't for him. He finds a way to bring Richard Sloat over, and sets him in charge of the day to day, then goes out in search of the nefarious wizard who first cursed his mother, and who now schemes to take the throne.

Tak: Every season, we see the same characters, from Desperation and The Regulators, in new configurations and systems of relationships, dealing with the apparently dimension straddling demon, Tak, in new and exciting ways.

Rosie Real: Following the events of Rose Madder, Rosie Steiner--ignoring her canonically mandated career, naturally--takes on a job counselling incoming abuse victims at Daughters and Sisters, but the door she opened isn't easy to close. Each season, a new woman comes with a door to her own secret, symbolic world, and only Rosie can guide her through and tell her how to beat her demons.

Heavenly Shades: Troubled Bobby Garfield, after serving jail time, receives an envelope full of mysterious rose petals, and it prompts him to get his life back together. Ignoring canon utterly, he teams up with Carol and Sully-John as they try to clean up Harwick's seedier (and sometimes supernatural) side.

Cycles: Marty and Jane vanquished the werewolf, but it was too late--as it fell dying, its tooth grazed Janie, turning her into a werewolf herself. The siblings go on a night journey to seek a cure, helping people as they go... except when it's a full moon, and Jane is a danger to everyone.

Tower of Dreams: In the new alternate world, Eddie, Susannah, and Jake all have strange, addled memories of Roland's world, and constantly get themselves into trouble by acting like gunslingers--they have to find the way back to a place they belong!

Boo'ya Moon: A girl falls through madness into the dangerous world of Boo'ya Moon, where she finds other lost souls, and the kind guidance of the late novelist, Scott Landon, whose strange nightmare the place really is.


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sreya From: sreya Date: January 28th, 2007 05:19 am (UTC) (Link)
*gigglin* I can't comment on the absurdity of them as adaptations, as I haven't read any of King's work, but some of them sound better than a lot of shows on TV these days!
alkari From: alkari Date: January 28th, 2007 10:07 am (UTC) (Link)
You and Red Sharlach should team up!
From: (Anonymous) Date: January 28th, 2007 03:29 pm (UTC) (Link)
I seem to lack the necessary courage to read King and sleep afterwards, so I haven't read most of the above either.

Which is probably why Heavenly Shades made me think of Bobby teaming up with Carol Burnett and Sully from X-Files (which also causes sleep problems, but at least I know who she is).

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