FernWithy (fernwithy) wrote,

Kitten food vs. cat food

Does anyone know what's special in Iams kitten food, as opposed to regular cat food? When I first got Cinderpelt, I thought I was going to be getting a kitten rather than an adult cat, so I had a bag of kitten food ready. After I got her as an adult, I bought food she could share with Jelly, as she prefers eating out of his dish (he's on the diet stuff, because he's the size of about two and half cats). But I was almost out, so I mixed it with some kitten food and put it up on the counter where Jelly can't reach it--a place Cinderpelt has habitually refused to eat as long as there's anything in or near the place where Elizabeth keeps Jelly's bowl (she will caterwaul at me until I move her dish down there so they can eat together)--and not only did she eat it, she totally hoovered it. Obviously, she needs something that's in there, but the box doesn't say what's special for kittens in it, so I'm not sure how to get what it is she needs there with an adult-cat appropriate food.

Also, any ideas on what to do about the Jelly's diet thing? Putting non-diet food on the floor means he'll be eating it--a lot--but, except for the kitten food, Cindy won't go someplace he can't reach to eat, and has been known, despite her own full bowl up on the counter, to eat part of what he does have rather than eat her own food, so I don't know if Jelly's getting the right nutrition. Have any of you had to deal with one cat dieting, while the other is a healthy cat weight (and maybe even a little small)?

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