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Hmmm. Interesting episode.

So, there's no way the audience can believe that House is dying--again, the same problem as the Tritter plot: It's his show. He's not going to die or go to jail forever or transfer to Mass General or spend seven years in Tibet. The point, obviously, was to show how people reacted to it. About what we'd expect, and of course there's the mystery of what it really is.

Which is nothing, except for House wanting to get high on super new cancer drugs.

But then they give a halfway decent twist--right when even the audience is at the point of saying, "Okay, House, that was too low even for you," Wilson comes in and... diagnoses him. For real. Depression--and I think it's a damned good diagnosis. And he doesn't rush in with "Take Prozac," but with "Go out with a friend." He offers himself after House has been such a complete and total ass.

Props to Wilson.

Of course, House, being House, just goes around afterward and mopes, watching people hanging out together with something that resembles confusion. And I kind of get it--when you look through the window and see these already formed groups and you're not in one, it's hard to imagine just going in. But he does. Not bad. Of course, if you look like Hugh Laurie, it's probably easier than if you look like a normal person. Less likelihood of the other people going, "Ewww. Go away."

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