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Death wishes, etc.

One of the questions confused me, as it started with "Bill is working as a curse breaker in Egypt." Hasn't he been working in England since the beginning of OotP, and dating Fleur? Did I miss him going back to Egypt at the end of HBP?

And, oops, wrong radio button clicked on whether or not there will be another battle at Hogwarts. I apparently hit "no." I definitely meant "yes" on that one.

I predicted that Harry will survive Book 7 in my more logical head, but of course, my paranoia is saying, "Yes, Jo is sick of it all, and will kill him out of annoyance" or "Well, there is a pretty trendy tendency to go for the 'I will accept death,' and she's already hit a couple of those notes with Voldemort refusing to do so..."


I really, honestly don't think it would fit the narrative--Harry doesn't seem to have a problem offering to sacrifice himself, so offering to do so is not any kind of character growth, and it wouldn't address the narrative question at the beginning (he has lost his family, will he regain it?). I think he will, at some point, show willingness to sacrifice himself, as he has in each book, and will most likely appear to be dead for a little while, but ultimately it won't be the case--the classic resurrection of the hero scene (think Kevin Costner emerging from the smoke in the *cough* immortal Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves).

I wouldn't discount the possibility of the "death wish" mentality, though--it seems to be kind of popular--ref, Star Wars: RotS--to say, "See, I ACCEPT DEATH AS PART OF LIFE" as something good and sophisticated. Which it is to some extent, but also really kind of descends into nihilism. (In the case of RotS, someone putting his mortal soul in danger solely, the narrative suggests, because he won't "accept" an oncoming death that no sane person would accept without a fight.)

As to Snape, the Y/N question didn't really capture the various things I'm thinking. I'm still an agnostic and won't be surprised by anything she does, but the more I think about it, the more I'm leaning toward a scenario where Snape really did betray DD in HBP, but Dumbledore was still right to trust him... that Dumbledore knew exactly how far he'd go, but still believed, rightly, that in the end, he would come around to the right side. Which is kind of sad, since it would mean Peter wouldn't get the redemption arc, as you can't do two of them that similar to each other in the course of the same story without risking self-parody. Draco, I think, has already discovered that he's in a really bad place and is less on a redemption track than on an escape track. Narcissa, I could see going to the Order with necessary information on the agreement that they would help get Draco out of there.

The Y/N on a new transfiguration teacher wasn't really a Y/N, either--I think there will be a new teacher (also a new DADA teacher), but we won't really see much of those people, as Harry won't be a student.

Oh, also, the "yeses" on questions of people getting married--R/Hr and G/H, particularly--I don't mean in the course of the regular narrative, like R/Hr getting hitched before the Horcrux hunt. I mean that in the epilogue, we'll find out that they're married.
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